COR Rebate

The COR incentive cheque is calculated as 10% of a company’s base assessment, before any surcharge or discount is applied. For very small companies, the incentive is equal to 75% of total assessments paid, up to a maximum of $1000.  

Base Assessment Incentive

<$1,000 75% of total assessment

$1,334 -$10,000     $1,000

>$10,000 10% of base assessment for OHS certification OR
15% of base assessment for OHS and IMRTW certification (IMRTW
program is frozen, however employers who were previously qualified
can still receive 5% if they continue submitting their IMRTW audits)


WorkSafeBC pays incentives annually, based on the previous year’s audit and payroll for each CU. To be eligible for a summer incentive cheque, companies must perform audits by the end of previous calendar year (or by the due date for maintenance or recertification audits) and submit their annual payroll assessment reports to WorkSafeBC on time. An incentive payment may be delayed if a company’s WorkSafeBC account has changed during the year (including the company turning on or off the account or CUs), has a complex account or classification unit structure, or if the employer does not report their assessable payroll on time. 

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