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BC Forest Safety Council's 2013 Annual Report

The BC Forest Safety Council’s 2013 Annual Report is now available to view or download.

The report provides detail on the organization’s performance during the 2013 financial year, and shows how workplan objectives have helped support industry’s commitment to further reduce serious injuries and fatalities in the forest harvesting sector.  read more »

2014 Leadership In Safety Awards

Nominate your forest safety hero today!

Get your nominations in! It’s time to recognize the safety leaders, heroes and champions in BC’s forest industry.

The BC Forest Safety Council is seeking nominations for two annual awards. We’re looking for people that work in the forest industry and are known for their safety-first approach. In such a vast province with so many hard working people looking out for each other on the job, who do you feel deserves recognition? Who has contributed to a safer workplace? Who has led change for the better? Let us know by sending in your nominations today.  read more »

Free assistance available to sawmill industry on combustible dust control and mitigation

The BC Forest Safety Council (BCFSC) in conjunction with the Manufacturers’ Advisory Group (MAG) are overseeing a team of technical expert advisors for all sawmills in BC.

The purpose of the initiative is to provide comprehensive support and expertise to the sawmill industry on combustible dust control and mitigation at no cost to the industry.  read more »

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Cut costs & get your workers back to work faster. Joint pilot project: Truck Loggers Association, the BC Forest Safety Council & WorkSafeBC.

Read or download here & share with your workers.



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Most Recent Safety Alerts

SERIOUS INCIDENT - Boom man injured when caught up in auger

Coastal British Columbia
Details of Incident / Close Call: 

While feeding a boom stick into place under a gas powered auger, A boom man’s clothing/PPE became tangled in an unguarded auger bit that was engaged (revolving). He suffered serious chest injuries, resulting in a lost time accident.

Root Causes - A number of factors combined to contribute to this incident, among them:

• No guarding around auger bit (see sample photos in attached pdf)

• Lack of Safe Work Procedures for auger

• Worker had not operated this machine before


Powerful winds topple trees; camp worker in tent narrowly escapes with fractured ankle

Northern Interior region (near Prince George)
Details of Incident / Close Call: 

With little warning, extreme winds (in excess of 100 km/h) swept through a bush camp.

The gusts brought down multiple standing mature trees, one of which impacted a worker during an attempt to exit a personal tent.

The worker suffered a fractured ankle.

Cable Yarding: Stay out of the bight!

Southern Vancouver Island
Details of Incident / Close Call: 

Very recently, and in the past year or so, TimberWest reports experiencing a number of serious incidents and close calls in cable yarding operations where the primary cause has been that workers were not in a safe position / in the clear - around moving lines and logs / yarding turns.

For example:

• Chaser began to clear haulback without getting clear confirmation/direction from hooktender. Chaser put himself in the bight, and was struck in the right shoulder by the eye of the haulback.

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