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Conversion of COR to SAFE
The BC Forest Safety Council wants to help ensure that all industry participants have a level playing field to bid on forestry contracts. SAFE Companies and the BC Construction Safety Alliance (BCCSA) have developed a process for valid BCCSA COR holders to obtain a SAFE Companies Endorsement, starting March 1, 2017.

This process is available to any BCCSA-certified company that is working or intending to work in the forestry sector in BC, unless

In those two cases, the company must follow the normal SAFE certification process. The process is considered ‘one-way’ in that there is no reverse mechanism to grant BCCSA COR for a SAFE Company.

Be COR-certified with the BCCSA
The Quality Assurance (QA) report letter from BCCSA dated within the last 12 months shows that the company continues to meet COR requirements every year. A 3-year COR certificate, certification number or listing on the WorkSafeBC web site is not sufficient. BCCSA Letters of Reciprocity from out-of-province companies are not eligible for consideration.

Register with SAFE Companies
The company registers with SAFE Companies using the registration form and paying the standard SAFE Companies registration fee depending on the size of the portion of the company being registered. A company may choose to SAFE certify only a part of the whole company. If a company can show that only a specific list of people are involved in forestry out of the whole larger company, they can choose to certify only that smaller portion. The company’s registration and eventual certification will contain a rider that of ‘forestry operations only’.

Take Training
A supervisory person from the applicable forestry operations takes the online Forestry Safety Overview course. They will learn about the size of the industry; its economic impact on BC; the structure of the industry; land ownership; First Nations consent; how the bid processes work; how and what regulations are applicable to different types of forestry operations in BC; how to implement a safety management system that will meet the requirements of industry and regulation; and, ultimately help ensure that new entrants meet the expectations and norms of the forestry industry.

Provide Annual Documentation
Each year, the company provides SAFE Companies with two documents in lieu of an annual audit

  1. The Quality Assurance (QA) report letter from BCCSA dated within the last 12 months
  2. Proof that the person who took the Forestry Safety Overview is still a permanent employee with the company. A signed declaration by company management on company letterhead is sufficient.

For companies certifying as small employers in forestry, the annual documentation is Small Employer SAFE Conversion Audit Submission.

For companies certifying as large employers in forestry, the annual documentation is one of two options:

SAFE Certification
The company (or its defined forestry portion) is issued a SAFE certificate and published on the SAFE Certified list on the BCFSC web site. The next submission to SAFE companies is due 3 months after the BCCSA COR submission due date, in order to allow a new QA letter to be obtained by the company. It is the company’s responsibility to ensure that all annual submission requirements are met in order to maintain SAFE certification. BCCSA will retain primary COR quality assurance responsibilities while BCFSC will also perform forestry-specific desktop and field quality assurance activities as necessary.

For More Information
Please contact Laurel at or 1-877-741-1060 for more information on converting BCCSA COR certification to SAFE certification and to register for SAFE Companies.


Large Employer SAFE Conversion Audit Submissions:

SAFE Companies Registration Form

Small Employer SAFE Conversion Audit Submission


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