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The BC Forest Safety Council cares about the health and wellness of forest workers in British Columbia. We know that a healthy workforce is a happier, more productive, and SAFER workforce. Our objective is to improve overall health and well-being through various knowledge resources, projects, and fun challenges. Please keep coming back to this page for new features!

Healthy Hauler Step Challenge
A program to provide BC's Log Truck drivers with an opportunity to become more active in an easy, fun, and inexpensive way. With the use of pedometers provided by the BCFSC, truckers can track the number of steps they take each day, log them over a month’s time, compete for prizes and earn recognition in their industry. They can challenge themselves, their co-workers, and teams from other companies. The first round of the step challenge begins October 15, 2013. Interested persons can contact the BC Forest Safety Council at 1-877-741-1060 or

 Step Challenge Poster                                  Step Challenge Rules & Information

Stay Hydrated! - A great reminder to keep fluid levels up. 

Top 10 Tips for Truckers - Great tips for keeping healthy on the road.

Roadwise RX - An excellent website that lets you understand how your medications may affect your driving. Input your medications and it will give you a list of driving warnings.

Ergonomics for Truckers (WorkSafeBC video) - An informative video demonstrating techniques truck drivers can use to prevent back injuries

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