List of Industry Submitted Safety Alerts

Log truck spills load, loaderman suffers broken knee capCANFOR
Driver outside cab struck by log during loading of his truckCANFOR
Machine Tips Over During Beaver Dam RemovalCANFOR
Pressure Washer IncidentWalter Neufeld Contracting Ltd.
Risks with changing Resource Road Radio Frequency signsBC Forest Safety Council
The importance of keeping your rig clean: Log truck inspection reveals bunk mount failures “hidden” under road grimeFearless Contracting Ltd.
9-1-1: What you need to know when working in remote locationsCapacity Forest Management Ltd.
Grizzly Bear AttackCapacity Forest Management Ltd.
Silviculture worker loses part of ear to skin cancerBC Safe Forestry Program (courtesy of Jordan Tesluk)
Combatting fatigue on the log haulWeyerhaeuser Company Ltd.
Warning Labels on Prescription MedsINTERFOR
Close Call during fire extinguisher maintenanceMount Sicker Lumber Company Ltd.
Non-pinned fire extinguisher discharges in cab of skidderCANFOR
Hazard Alert: Unstable road edge during spring meltGorman Bros. Lumber Ltd.
Trap snares dog, injures workerCANFOR
Tree Wells: A potentially fatal trap in the snowPro-Tech Forest Resources Ltd.
Air Evacuation in Forestry Operations: A WorkSafe bulletinWorkSafeBC
Backcountry workers should be aware: Unusual snowpack conditions create potential for risk of avalanchesBC Forest Safety Council / WorkSafeBC
Charging batteries can be explosiveKineshanko Logging Ltd.
New Zealand Close Call: Tethered felling machine roll overForest Owners Association of New Zealand
ATV winch cable snaps, improper spooling blamedCANFOR
Going too fast, checking GPS on the fly leads to ATV crashCANFOR
Trailer reach breaks, loaded log truck crashes on Forest Service RoadCANFOR
Logging Trailer - Broken pole trailer reach leads to tip overINTERFOR
Changing a flat tire is easier with a wire brush and some woodCANFOR
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