List of Industry Submitted Safety Alerts

Forklifts collide in lumber yardINTERFOR
Forestry worker falls through ice while snowshoeing on a day off Gorman Bros. Lumber Ltd.
Snowplow goes through shop doorINTERFOR
Lift truck fork strikes kiln track, worker impacts steering assist knobINTERFOR
Wagner strikes parked vehicle in log yardINTERFOR
Carbon monoxide leak on camp barge sends worker to hospitalINTERFOR
Blasting Close Call: Rock travels 500 metres, penetrates camp cookhouse roofINTERFOR
Potential undetonated or misfired charge foundINTERFOR
Passing industrial vehicles: Be sure it's clear to do so!INTERFOR
Stud Failure leads to “Wheels Off” IncidentWeyerhaeuser
Log truck compensator failure results in spilled load, smashed pickup truck and injuriesDownie Timber Ltd.
Resource Road Driving: Don't blind the oncoming driver when clearing loaded industrial vehiclesINTERFOR
Forestry Engineer suffers fractured skullIverson Forest Management Inc.
Man-made HazardsStrategic Natural Resource Consultants Inc.
Use caution in areas burned by wildfiresBC Wildfire Service
Carrot pin bracket detaches from log truck, strikes vehicle on highwayINTERFOR
Staying Hydrated: Vital for forest worker health, especially on the wildfire lines!BC Forest Safety Council
Keep your mind on task (crew cab rolls over)BC Forest Safety Council (Transportation Safety)
Fire Danger Ratings High to Extreme in BCBC Wildfire Service
Rattlesnake Encounter on Forest TrailGorman Bros. Lumber Ltd.
Log truck with ineffective brakes forced to ditch to avoid childrenCANFOR
CLOSE CALL: BlastingIsland Timberlands LP
HARD HAT RECALL: Honeywell Fibre-Metal E2 and North Peak A79 modelsHealth Canada, Honeywell
BC Hydro May 2018 safety update: Forestry and tree trimming incidentsBC Hydro
Tailgate Meeting Guide: Avoiding Collisions With WildlifeRoad Safety At Work
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