List of Industry Submitted Safety Alerts

Tow chain breaks while pulling a loaded log truckINTERFOR
Propane and Tiger Torch Use for Pile BurningMacLeod Forest Services
WorkSafeBC Bulletin: Reducing the risk of injury from spring-assisted folding stakes on log transport trailersWorkSafeBC
September rain creates soft shoulders, other hazards to driving on gravelGorman Bros. Lumber Ltd.
Faller slip and fall on steep groundINTERFOR
Heavy rains increase risk for work and travelBC Forest Safety Council
Personal Flotation Devices: New OHS requirement to inspect and document BC Forest Safety Council
Log Truck rollovers on public roadsMosaic Forest Management
Trees contacting high voltage lines while operating feller-buncherMosaic Forest Management
Safety in the forest requires a team effortBC Timber Sales
Emergency evacuation from remote work site proves challengingCANFOR
Spontaneous combustion: Oily rags start fire in mechanic's shopErickson Inc.
Dusty resource roads create driving hazardsColumbia Extreme Contracting Ltd.
Rock found on top of log truck loadGorman Group
HAZARD: Hammering hard steel INTERFOR
ATV roll-over in cross ditch on deactivated roadTransition Forestry Ltd.
Wildfire water pump fuel can go stale; Pumps may run poorly, or not start at allMacLeod Forest Services
Bear Aware!CANFOR
Stem enters processor cab, close call for operatorRayonier matariki Forests
Splinter lodges in tree spacer’s armRayonier matariki Forests
BC Hydro Public Safety Update - June 2019BC Hydro
Machine rolls over on unstable groundBC EcoChips Ltd
Advisory for Grapple Yarder Crews: Change in voice commandWorkSafeBC
Steep slope tether line breaks after being damaged by bucket moveWashington State Department of Labour & Industries
Operator's arm trapped in falling head during repairRayonier Matariki
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