Cycle Times

The calculation of Cycle Times are an important and valuable tool for all forest professionals. We believe a correlation exists between cycle times and safety.

The Cycle Time Project Report was initiated to develop a greater understanding of the links between safety and cycle time through the completion of surveys and interviews with targeted industry and government groups. We also wish to understand current practices related to determining cycle time, to develop transparent methods to determine cycle time and foster broader understanding and application of effective best practices related to cycle time determination.

Below you will find the links for the full Cycle Time Project Report as well as Cycle Time calculation spreadsheets and haul speed maps. To use the calculation spreadsheets, open the document, delete the sample data, and input your own values.

Cycle Time Project Report 2013 - A comprehensive look at modern Cycle Time calculations and their effect on safety.

A New Approach to Log Hauling Cycle Times - A detailed guide describing Cycle Time components.

Cycle Time Calculation Spreadsheet

Cycle Time with Alternate Factors Calculation Spreadsheet (includes time for fueling, wrapper checks, etc)

MFLNRO Haul Speeds Map - PG Forest District 2017 - Road map of entire district

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