Road Safety



Work Here, Play Here, Stay Safe Here (Public use of resource roads)

Loaded log trucks can weigh 10 times more than a regular pick-up, have limited maneuverability and can take up to 300 feet to stop. 

Rules of the Road
- Each district may have different policies.  Local Road Safety Information.  It is good practice to yield to all industrial vehicles. Pull into a designated pullout when possible or as far over to the right  (STOP!) and give them enough space to pass.

Communication - Resource roads are radio-assisted. 2-way radios are recommended.

Speed - Reduce speed  - road conditions and traffic levels can be unpredictable.

Visibility - Travel with your headlights and taillights on at all times.  

Passing - Do not pass a vehicle unless it has pulled over and indicates that it is safe to do so - even when indicated it is safe, pass cautiously.  

General Safety - Generally if kilometre markings increase, you are travelling further from town. Pack extra emergency supplies, e.g. first aid equipment, water, food and blankets.  Let someone know where you are  going and when you are expected back. 



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