List of Industry Submitted Safety Alerts

MANUFACTURING: Planer head moves despite being locked out, worker suffers finger amputationBC Forest Safety Council
HAZARD ALERT : Cab Tilt System FailureNootka Sound Timber Co. Ltd.
Advisory: LED lamps can interfere with a vehicle’s radio transmissionsBC Forest Safety Council
ATV impact with water bar throws driver from machineCascadia Environmental Services Ltd.
Kenworth’s Nautilus navigation system interfering with Resource Road Radio Channel 13BC Forest Safety Council
Cougar sighting a reminder to be preparedChartwell Consultants Ltd.
Rock hits excavator operator's eye through open front window of machine's cabInterfor - Coastal Woodlands Div.
Over height log trucks strike construction scaffoldCertified Coating Specialists Inc.
HAZARD: Short logs on top of loadsIsland Timberlands
Cougar encounter in West Kootenay regionInterfor
HAZARD: Rocks dislodging from log trucks in BC's Interior regionsInterfor
Cable Come-Along breaks, striking workerInterfor
Soft shoulders on newly-constructed road lead to log truck rolloverInterfor - Grand Forks Division
Unseen snag tree in thick canopy impacts excavator during trail constructionDownie Timber Ltd. - Woodlands
Impatience behind the wheel leads to close call on public highwayDownie Timber Ltd. - Woodlands
Close Call: ATV loading incidentChartwell Consultants Ltd.
Driver narrowly escapes serious injury from falling logKatchmar Construction (1997) Ltd.
Log truck tips, spills load - Driver knocked unconscious, suffers neck/head injuriesThibault Logging Ltd. / Critical Site Logging Inc.
Cougar encounter: big cat emerges from hiding, startles field worker Cabin Forestry Services
Log falls on truck driver at de-wrap stationCANFOR
Mechanical Alert: Steering bracket failure on off-highway log truckWestern Forest Products Inc.
Attempt to remove key ring on water pump intake leads to sliced finger, stitchesInterfor (Adams Lake Div.)
Pickup truck hits bump, opens up a sinkholeBaseline Archaeological Services Ltd.
Improperly stowed equipment on ATV causes unexpected throttle engagementInterfor
Trip Cable Bell: update to a previous hazard alert posted on March 3, 2015Interfor
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