List of Industry Submitted Safety Alerts

Over-extending boom on steep slope, snowy ground leads to buncher rolloverCANFOR
Yarder operator falls from machine, suffers sprained ankleINTERFOR
Boom man slips from icy log and into waterINTERFOR
Worker narrowly missed by tumbling root ballKohntrol Forest Services Ltd.
Log strikes forwarder cabInnovative Forestry Specialists (NZ)
Worker's finger in the bight of wire rope caught on stumpForest Management New Zealand Ltd.
Forklift clips load; stacked lumber spills onto work stationINTERFOR
Log in bundle slides, breaking window on boom boatINTERFOR
Trailer loader malfunction damages log truckINTERFOR
The importance of correct body position while limbing treesINTERFOR
Board contacts grading machine photoeyeINTERFOR
Packaging worker's thumb gets stapledINTERFOR
Log loader mechanical failure on boom and stick hinge pointINTERFOR
Lockout violation due to unfamiliarity with disconnect locationsINTERFOR
Operator sustains injury as loader drops log, shakes violentlyINTERFOR
Pup trailer detached while leaving loading areaINTERFOR
Forklifts collide in lumber yardINTERFOR
Forestry worker falls through ice while snowshoeing on a day off Gorman Bros. Lumber Ltd.
Snowplow goes through shop doorINTERFOR
Lift truck fork strikes kiln track, worker impacts steering assist knobINTERFOR
Wagner strikes parked vehicle in log yardINTERFOR
Carbon monoxide leak on camp barge sends worker to hospitalINTERFOR
Blasting Close Call: Rock travels 500 metres, penetrates camp cookhouse roofINTERFOR
Potential undetonated or misfired charge foundINTERFOR
Passing industrial vehicles: Be sure it's clear to do so!INTERFOR
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