List of Industry Submitted Safety Alerts

Wildfire water pump fuel can go stale; Pumps may run poorly, or not start at allMacLeod Forest Services
Bear Aware!CANFOR
Stem enters processor cab, close call for operatorRayonier matariki Forests
Splinter lodges in tree spacer’s armRayonier matariki Forests
BC Hydro Public Safety Update - June 2019BC Hydro
Machine rolls over on unstable groundBC EcoChips Ltd
Advisory for Grapple Yarder Crews: Change in voice commandWorkSafeBC
Steep slope tether line breaks after being damaged by bucket moveWashington State Department of Labour & Industries
Operator's arm trapped in falling head during repairRayonier Matariki
Faller suffers from heat exhaustion without realizing it; Narrowly escapes dangerRayonier Matariki
Stabiliser ram failure & Tower collapseRayonier Matariki
Choker setter struck when hung-up turn clearsWashington State Department of Labour & Industries
INCIDENT INVESTIGATION REPORT - Worker struck by cedar slab during log loadingWorkSafeBC
INCIDENT INVESTIGATION REPORT - Skidder operator fatally struck by treeWorkSafeBC
Hazard Alert: Avalanche warning issued for BC back country (including Vancouver Island)BC Forest Safety Council
Trailer reach failure leads to load of logs spilling from tipped trailerCANFOR
Serious Incidents: Driving and Radio UseCANFOR
Loaded log truck approaches as worker unloads snow sled on mainlineCANFOR
Over-extending boom on steep slope, snowy ground leads to buncher rolloverCANFOR
Yarder operator falls from machine, suffers sprained ankleINTERFOR
Boom man slips from icy log and into waterINTERFOR
Worker narrowly missed by tumbling root ballKohntrol Forest Services Ltd.
Log strikes forwarder cabInnovative Forestry Specialists (NZ)
Worker's finger in the bight of wire rope caught on stumpForest Management New Zealand Ltd.
Forklift clips load; stacked lumber spills onto work stationINTERFOR
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