FAQ's about Council's New Statistics


Your statistics have changed on the website - why?

We’re working continually to improve our safety reporting. This new way of presenting statistics more accurately reports the forest sector’s safety performance.

What are ‘direct’ and ‘associated’ fatalities? What is the difference from the previous fatality totals?

The total number of fatalities that we record will remain the same, but they are now divided into direct and associated categories. Direct fatalities are fatalities that occur within our scope of control. Associated fatalities are any that occur outside of the WorkSafeBC Forestry Classifications or beyond the reach of a forest employer’s safety program.

This helps to identify fatalities directly related to potential gaps or problems with a forestry safety program. For further information on this, please click here or contact us for more details.

Your fatality statistics seem to be lower than they were before. Doesn’t using an associated fatalities statistic artificially lower the fatality rate?

No. All forestry related fatalities are still recorded. This change allows us to focus our safety efforts in the areas where we have the most control.

Why isn’t the fatality data complete for 2005 and 2006?

A change in our data received from WorkSafeBC was made in the summer of 2006 which considerably improved the quality of our statistics. However, we don’t have the same level of data prior to this date thus we cannot report a more comprehensive breakdown at this time.

How often do you update these statistics? I want to know when I should come back and check.

Our data on injuries is generally received monthly and posted on our site soon afterwards. You can check back monthly for the latest information.

I want more information on these statistics. Where do I go to find out about each fatality?

Most of the fatalities we record are derived from WorkSafeBC’s ‘Notice of Incidents’. The details for all of these can be accessed by clicking here.

For the other fatalities we record, we are not permitted to publicise anything other than essential details in order to comply with information-sharing agreements.

Can this information be sent to me when it’s updated?

We don’t currently offer any subscription services but we would recommend regularly checking back on our website for the latest statistical information.

Read or download here & share with your workers.


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