Certified Falling Supervisor

Falling supervisors have specific training, not only on the requirements for supervising workers in the woods, but also on the special needs and challenges faced by production fallers in the forest industry. 

Safety forms the backdrop for every element of the training they go through, and they are evaluated to be sure they understand the requirements of meeting safety standards in the field.

Certified falling supervisors are able to perform re-evaluations on certified fallers who are requiring recurrency. The evaluations performed by Certified Falling Supervisors can also be used to adjust the certification level (maximum slope and tree diameter) on the faller’s card.

If you need access to a person qualified to renew or upgrade your certification, contact the BC Forest Safety Council for up-to-date information at 1-877-741-1060.

Becoming a Falling Supervisor

Information on BCFSC's Falling Supervisor training course is available here.

Falling Supervisor Training Videos

The follow videos are from the course:



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