Falling limb tied trees

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Manual Tree Falling
Coastal BC
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Details of Incident / Close Call: 

Worker fell a non limb tied Hemlock. Next was a 24” Green Cedar which was limb tied to a 16” leaning Cedar Danger Tree.

Safe Work Procedure (SWP) when the back tree is a Danger Tree (in this case rotten base), the Faller must stop and seek Qualified Assistance (QA).

The Faller did not call for QA and fell the 24” Cedar. As he cleared the stump towards the Hemlock, the Danger Tree released and fell in between two other spike top Cedars.

A 6 ft long by 3” limb/top broke free from one of the standing spike tops and struck the Faller on upper arm. Impact ripped his skin open which required 3 interior and 7 exterior stitches.

Incident could have been much worse as Faller was in line of fire of the Danger Tree.

Learnings and Suggestions: 
  • Supervisors must pre-walk areas and identify hazards
  • Fallers must properly assess hazards in their quarters
  • Supervisors and Fallers must know, understand and follow Safe Work Procedures
  • Fallers can’t work in terrain and timber types beyond their skills
  • Supervisors must have one-on-one discussions to ensure Fit for Work and Human Factors/Upset Conditions won’t cause incidents
  • Supervisors must observe and document faller’s workmanship
  • Fallers must call for Qualified Assistance as per SWP’s and as written in Interfor’s Falling and Bucking Supervisor Requirements.


For more information on this submitted alert: 

Gary Bauer, Coastal Woodlands Operations Gary.Bauer@interfor.com

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