Serious Incidents: Driving and Radio Use

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British Columbia
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Incident Summaries

Jan 30: On the North road in Vanderhoof, a logging truck was passing a grader when a lowbed came around a corner. Both vehicles tried to brake but slid on ice and hit the ditch sustaining property damage.

Jan 30: A truck heading up on the North road met a truck coming around the corner, which was on the wrong side of the road. The vehicles almost collided.

Feb 14: Another near miss on the North road at the 20km mark. A logging truck heading down was in the middle of the road forcing a pickup heading up to the far edge of road, narrowly missing the other truck.

There have been several clipped mirrors and property damage with vehicles passing by each other too fast.

Near Prince George, a driver slid on icy roads and got stuck in a snow bank on railway tracks. Luckily help arrived in a timely manner and no incident occurred.

Potential Hazards:

  • Vehicles travelling on wrong side of road
  • Slippery road conditions
  • Losing control when braking on icy roads
  • Driving surface of road is narrower in winter with snow banks
  • Inexperienced drivers not recognizing risk
  • Not using radio to communicate location
  • Other users of resource roads not driving responsibly
  • Brushed in roads reducing sight lines
  • Missing km signs
  • Animals on road.


Learnings and Suggestions: 
  • Call km’s and let drivers know where other vehicles are on the roads
  • Recognize slippery conditions and slow down
  • Pull over early - Don’t rush pull outs
  • Stay to the right side of the road
  • Expect the unexpected and drive with enough time to safely react
  • Up traffic should clear for down traffic
  • Recognize driving surface of roads might be reduced in winter with snow banks
  • Follow-up with Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure regarding road hazards on public road systems.


For more information on this submitted alert: 

Kori Vernier at Kori.Vernier@canfor.com


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