Resource Road Driving: Don't blind the oncoming driver when clearing loaded industrial vehicles

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Resource Roads
REsource roads throughout British Columbia
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As part of the ‘rules of the road’, a loaded industrial vehicle (logging truck, lowbed, etc) always has the right of way.

When clearing vehicles, especially in low light or dark conditions, headlights pointed towards the oncoming vehicle can result in a hazard as it limits the vision for the driver of the oncoming vehicle.

Learnings and Suggestions: 
  • When using a pull out, position your vehicle so that the lights are not in the direction of oncoming traffic.
  • If you choose not to angle your vehicle away from the oncoming traffic, turn off your headlights/light bars and turn on the ‘cargo lamp’ at the back of your vehicle. This ensures that your vehicle still remains visible in the dark while avoiding ‘blinding’ the oncoming driver.


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