Interior Safety Conference

Upcoming Conferences

Interior Safety Conferences (ISC) are usually held in mid-spring.  Please visit the following pages for information on the upcoming or most recent conferences.

Interior Safety Conference - Kamloops

Interior Safety Conference - Prince George


The ISC is an annual industry driven safety conference covering topics of interest to the forest sector.

The conference steering committee is made up of representatives from Labour, Industry, the BC Forest Safety Council, and WorkSafeBC. Sponsorships from industry allow for free admission for delegates.

There is usually a trade show with targeted safety products and services for conference attendees. Refreshments and lunch are provided.

The BC Forest Safety Council's staff provide administrative support for the conference.  If you would like to contact the steering committee, or if you have registration, sponsorship or other questions about the conference please contact Gerard Messier (BC Forest Safety Council) at 1-877-741-1060 or by email at Gerard.Messier@bcforestsafe.org.

Past Conferences

2018 ISC

 - 3rd Interior Safety Conference
Safe Behaviours = $mart Business

  2018 ISC Wrap-up
2017 ISC  – 2nd Interior Safety Conference
Leading Safety - Building Strong Supervisors
    – Log Hauler and FallSAFE Faller Safety Workshops
   2017 ISC Wrap-Up (1.5 MB)
2016 ISC  – 1st Interior Safety Conference
Choose to Save Lives – Actively Participate in a Safety Culture
  2016 ISC Wrap-Up


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