BC Hydro May 2018 safety update: Forestry and tree trimming incidents

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British Columbia
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BC Hydro
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BC Hydro's May 2018 safety update includes a number of incidents related to forestry work and tree trimming activities

  1. Logging equipment was driving along a newly constructed access road. A communication line was contacted, and when the tension was released, the BC Hydro high voltage conductor came loose from the top of the pole.
  2. Equipment at a sawmill was clearing snow and struck a BC Hydro pole, causing it to break. The circuit remained energized and the wire did not fall to the ground.
  3. A logging truck contacted a transformer pole causing an outage and an oil spill. A BC Hydro crew safely removed the driver from vehicle.
  4. A logging contractor was removing trees along a power line. As the operator moved to reposition the arm the top half of the tree snapped off and fell onto the high voltage line, pulling it off the insulator.
  5. A feller buncher was working adjacent to a distribution line with multiple stems in the buncher when one made contact with the top of the blade and launched about twenty feet, landing on a BC Hydro high voltage line.
  6. A logging truck contacted a communication line, which wrapped around a BC Hydro transmission line.


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Visit BC Hydro's web site for additional information about safety around trees and power lines:



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Marc Spencer, Public Safety (604) 528-1952



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