Slippery ground in log yard leaves truck driver injured after slip and fall

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Northern Interior region
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A log truck driver was loading his trailer in the log yard when the ground around the trailer loader was covered in snow & ice. The driver slipped and fell on the concrete pad while the trailer was being suspended, sustaining injuries to his back, shoulder, wrist, and head. The driver went to the scale shack and filled out a “Property Damage” report before going to the hospital to be checked out.

Potential Hazards

  • Slipping & falling due to poor footing where ground is covered with snow & ice
  • Slipping & falling under a suspended trailer
  • Complacency and/or not keeping eyes on task when weather conditions have increased the slipping hazards in the log yard
  • Not reporting slippery conditions as a hazard.


Learnings and Suggestions: 
  • Be mindful of slippery conditions when walking and getting in/out of truck at scales, dewrap stations, trailer hoists, and unloading site in log yards
  • All sites to review the effectiveness of their log yard maintenance programs to ensure all areas are maintained properly in a timely manner, especially after or during poor weather conditions
  • Sand boxes must be made available at higher risk locations for individuals to be able to directly spread sand when required
  • Wear the required proper footwear with good tread whenever walking outside in the log yard
  • Report all incidents to log yard supervisor, including hazards such as slippery conditions so they can be properly addressed in time.

Follow up questions to discuss with your worker: Can you tell me what you wear for footwear when you are walking in the logyard? How do you recognize slippery conditions and what do you do you to help ensure you don’t slip & fall?

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Tyson von den Steinen, Manager, Safety & Continuous Improvement



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