Series of mishaps occur at log yard trailer hoist, causing damage

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Log Hauling
BC Interior Region
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Details of Incident / Close Call: 

Incident Summaries

1) Jan 2nd – Trailer got stuck in hoist when it failed to stop after being lifted; fortunately the driver remained on scene and was cooperative with crews in getting the trailer down and the completing the investigation.

2) Jan 5th – Hoist pendant was activated by driver before the down contacts fused, which resulted in the cable rewinding backward back onto the spool and burning out the motor; unfortunately the driver left the scene and did not report the incident.

3) Jan 12th – Driver drove away from hoist with the hook still attached to trailer, which resulted in significant damage to the hoist (i.e., both main support beams were bent and the anchors were torn from concrete); unfortunately the driver left the scene and did not report the incident.

Potential Hazards - Not following proper safe work procedures, such as:

  • Checking for clearance before lifting trailer
  • Ensuring the trailer is completely unhooked before driving away
  • Not inspecting equipment before use and using it even though it might have been in disrepair
  • Failing to report damage to equipment before it is used again.


Learnings and Suggestions: 
  • Equipment will be removed from service until repairs are completed and certified by engineer
  • Reminder to ALWAYS report any damage to equipment or incidents that occurred so hazards can be removed before others are exposed
  • Drivers must ALWAYS confirm that the trailer is free of the hoist before driving away. Signage will be placed at site to remind operators to always check for hook clearance
  • Remote disconnects will be installed at safer location on hoists (i.e., control side of hoist)
  • Trailer hoist inspections will be continued to be completed daily, monthly, annually, and whenever modifications are made
  • Starter contacts on hoist to be replaced annually
  • Cameras will be installed for everyone’s safety and to record activity.


For more information on this submitted alert: 

Tyson von den Steinen RPF - Manager, Safety & Continuous Improvement

Forest Management Group Canadian Forest Products Ltd.

Email: Tyson.VondenSteinen@canfor.com

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