Weather Warning: Anticipate the hazards

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British Columbia
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BC Forest Safety Council
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Weather warnings and reports of extreme weather have been coming into the BC Forest Safety Council office. Now that fire season has ended, we might want to relax, but the fall and winter weather creates different types of hazards:

HEAVY RAIN can create hazardous driving conditions. Watch out for water pooling on roads, muddy and slippery road conditions as well as reduced visibility. Drive appropriately for the conditions and make sure your vehicle is well maintained and equipped to handle the challenging conditions.


STRONG WINDS can cause blowdown causing road blockages and damage to vehicles caught under falling trees. When working on foot, be prepared to evacuate areas if it gets too windy. Get out before the trees start to come down.

LANDSLIDES can occur when heavy rains saturate and weaken soils. Measure the rainfall at your worksite and follow your rainfall shutdown procedures to help manage this hazard.

SNOW has already fallen in parts of the province. This creates slippery road and worksite conditions. Vehicles should have appropriate winter tires, tire chains and other winter supplies. Have the appropriate footwear and cold weather gear available.

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Gerard Messier, BC Forest Safety Council,



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