Air Evacuation in Forestry Operations: A WorkSafe bulletin

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Remote forestry worksites throughout BC
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The attached 4-page document from WorkSafeBC describes some important planning considerations for emergency response at remote forestry worksites.

If air transportation (helicopter) is the primary or only way of transporting an injured worker from your worksite, or it may be required for another type of emergency rescue, the following best practices will help get your workers to safety as quickly as possible.

Consider incorporating these practices into your formal emergency response plan (ERP), and train your crew accordingly. Every worksite is different, so remember to revisit these questions before starting new work and as conditions change.

Print copies of the attached bulletin and discuss with your employees if applicable.

Learnings and Suggestions: 

The attached bulletin contains the following sections:

  • Review with the helicopter company (Pg. 1)
  • On-site procedures and training your crew (Pg. 2)
  • Helicopter hand signals (Pg. 3)
  • Regulatory information (Pg. 3)
  • Background (Pg. 3)
  • Key Regulation requirements for helicopter rescue (Pg. 4)
  • Other resources (Pg. 4)


For more information on this submitted alert: 

For more information on how to improve your ERP, click the links to obtain the following resources from WorkSafeBC's web site:

Every Minute Counts: Emergency Response Planning in Forestry: www.worksafebc.com/en/resources/health-safety/videos/every-minute-counts-emergency-response-planning-in-forestry?lang=en

Every Minute Counts: Emergency Response Planning in Forestry (Video Discussion Guide): www.worksafebc.com/en/resources/health-safety/books-guides/every-minute-counts-emergency-response-planning-in-forestry-video-discussion-guide?lang=en

Emergency Response Planning: 12 Tips for an Effective Emergency Response Plan: www.worksafebc.com/en/resources/health-safety/books-guides/emergency-response-planning-12-tips?lang=en

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