Logging Trailer - Broken pole trailer reach leads to tip over

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Log Hauling
Shuswap region
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Details of Incident / Close Call: 

Upon exiting the FSR, while having to negotiate a road obstruction, this unit had to make a sharp left-turn. Turning the cab into the West-bound lane, the driver felt something was not right – “like something was dragging”. Immediately after the unit completely rolled over.

Investigation revealed that the reach broke within the trailer body housing. This action caused the bunk slipper to drop below the bolster plate, thus not allowing the trailer to track in its proper path, causing the trailer and truck to roll over.

Fracture lines within the reach showed the fresh break on the drivers-side of the reach, however it also showed three other fracture lines that were of an old nature.

Learnings and Suggestions: 
  • Driver unable to detect a defect during trip inspections because, the previous cracks were well within the trailer body housing and out of sight.
  • Legislated Government Commercial Vehicle Inspections performed by a certified inspector, require that during the inspection process the reach must be inspected for its entire length. The reach must be fully extended for the inspection. Owners need to confirm that this procedure is followed.
  • It is recommended that operators of these types of units slide their reaches on a periodic basis to free up any debris or rust that may cause issues where the reach and trailer housing may seize.
  • Owners of these types of units, should check with the manufactures of their reaches to find the expected life-span of their specific reach.


For more information on this submitted alert: 

Erik Kok, Interfor Adams Lake Division. erik.kok@interfor.com


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