Reminder, effective April 1, 2017: MFLNRO requires all contractors to be SAFE Certified to bid

The Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations (MFLNRO) will expand its requirement for contractors to be SAFE Certified. This will include all road, silviculture, wildfire, hand falling and the planning and oversight work related to these activities.*

This will provide consistent application of the standard, effective April 1, 2017. SAFE Certification will be required by contractors to be eligible to bid for all in-scope contracts with MFLNRO. Previously only the BC Timber Sales branch had a requirement for its contractors to be SAFE Certified.

The new policy supports the forest sector’s drive to reduce incidents through the application of SAFE Certification as a prequalification standard to be eligible for contracts. Any contractors wishing to bid on future MFLNRO contracts need to ensure that they have successfully completed their SAFE Certification prior to April 1, 2017. Given that processing times may vary, it is important for contractors to be prepared. See www.bcforestsafe.org/node/2790 for more information.

(*Please note: there are a few limited exceptions that bidders need to discuss directly with their respective MFLNRO branch contacts, e.g. non-field contracts where SAFE will not be required; and, emergency response contracts where SAFE certified firms will be used as a preference, not mandatory.)

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the MFLNRO branch providing the forestry work you plan to bid on.

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