BC Forest Safety Council Urges Caution on the Roads as Winter Weather Approaches

October 6, 2008

With weather across the province turning to rain, sleet and snow, the BC Forest Safety Council is reminding drivers to use safe winter driving practices when they hit the roads.

MaryAnne Arcand, director of the Council’s Forestry TruckSafe and Northern Initiatives program, says while it may not feel like winter yet, snow has fallen in parts of the province and drivers need to take extra care. In addition, drivers should expect increased traffic on the roads as the hunting season gets underway.

“Last year there were a number of road accidents over Thanksgiving weekend,” explains Arcand. “We want to remind drivers to stay safe when behind the wheel so we can prevent history from repeating itself.”

Arcand says complacency and overlooking simple driving tips and techniques can lead to tragedy on the roads. Safe winter driving habits recommended by the BC Forest Safety Council include:

“We’re talking about using simple behaviours in order to save lives,” says Arcand. “Everyone needs to do their part to make the roads safer.”

To find out more information about the Forestry TruckSafe program and the BC Forest Safety Council visit the Council’s web site at www.bcforestsafe.org.

The BC Forest Safety Council is a not-for-profit society dedicated to promoting forest health and safety. It was founded and is supported by all major forestry organizations in BC and works with forestry employers, workers, contractors and the provincial government and agencies to implement changes necessary to eliminate fatalities and serious injuries in the forest sector.

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