Winter Driving

Safe winter driving takes extra skills, knowledge, preparation, and time than driving on the clear, dry roads of summer.  Snow, ice, and cold temperatures make roads more slippery and cause your vehicle to react differently.  Below are resources to prepare for winter driving.

SHIFT INTO WINTER - Winter Driving Safety Alliance
Provincial campaign with everything you need to know to get through the winter safely.

SHIFT INTO WINTER - Reading the Road in Winter Conditions
A brochure with tips for reading the roads in winter.
Drive BC - Province of British Columbia
Road reports, weather forecasts, and ferry / border information.

10 Winter Driving Tips for BC Log Haulers - BC Forest Safety Council
A brochure with tips on preparation and driving.

Winter Driving Emergency Postcard - BC Forest Safety Council
A list of emergency kit items and tips for staying safe when stranded

Winter Safety Resource Package - BC Forest Safety Council

Winter Driving Resources

HYPOTHERMIA-Surviving the Cold - WorkSafeBC
Information about hypothermia - how to prevent it and what to do if it does happen.

Winter Driving Tips - Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety

Tips to Prepare for Winter Driving Conditions - Canadian Automobile Association
Tips for winter driving and a list of items to keep in your emergency vehicle kit.

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