Training Programs

Training is key to developing a confident and competent workforce. To support the industry’s training needs we offer a variety of programs either in traditional classroom settings, online, via teleconference or in the field. Click here for a complete list of courses.

Requested Training
If your company or organization is interested in hosting a training session, email us at and we will contact you to discuss the details.

Auditor Training
External and Internal auditors attend a classroom session to learn about effective auditing practices, specific to the BC Forest Safety Council’s SAFE Certification program for large (BASE) companies.

Chainsaw Operator Training
Offered through approved non-Council trainers, this two-day field course teaches participants the basics of safe chainsaw operation.

Combustible Dust Hazard - online Training
Free online training for workers, contractors, front-line supervisors and management

Faller Training
A number of falling programs are offered by the Council. The courses combine classroom and field components to develop new fallers, or provide seasoned fallers with additional skills and knowledge.

Incident Investigation Training
Using classroom discussion and mock scenarios, participants learn to conduct effective incident investigations, ultimately helping companies to learn from their mistakes and prevent future problems.

SAFE Companies Training
A SAFE Companies training course is required by companies working toward industry recognized SAFE Certification. By attending a SAFE Companies course, you will learn about the foundation of a good safety system, including the important policies and procedures your company should have in place to protect workers and the business itself. The course also works through components of the SAFE Companies audit, helping you to understand what is required to become SAFE Certified. A number of different courses are offered depending on a company’s size and history with the SAFE Companies program.

Supervisor Training
Two streams of supervisor training courses are available through the Council. One stream caters to any industry supervisor; the other stream is aimed at individuals working specifically with fallers. These programs assist supervisors to understand their legal obligations, and help them to engage more effectively with their workers.

 Training Course List

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