Steep Grade Descent Tools

Logging TruckWorkSafeBC regulation 26.2 and the associated Guideline 26.2-2 describe requirements regarding hauling logs on steep grades (greater than 18%), a risk assessment is conducted and safe descent procedures are developed.

FP Innovations has developed a  spreadsheet lookup tool that forestry planners and supervisors can use when conducting risk assessments on grades greater than 18%. One sheet is focussed on off-highway fat trucks; the other looks at 6 and 7-axle configurations hauling highway legal loads. These tools provide recommended maximum payloads and speeds for specified road conditions (traction levels, grade, length of grade).

We are interested to hear how you are using this tool, and would be pleased to apply it in the field with you. Based on your feedback, further development of these tools may be undertaken for other axle configurations (e.g. super B-trains, quad-axle trailers), short logs and winter conditions. Please let us know what will work best for you. transport@bcforestsafe.org.

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