Obtaining and Maintaining SAFE Companies Certification Status

November 15, 2010

Please be advised that the BC Forest Safety Council will be implementing the attached Guidelines for obtaining and maintaining SAFE Companies Certification effective January 1, 2011 for companies already registered and/or certified with SAFE Companies. For new companies registering after October 7, 2010, the Guidelines are effective immediately upon registration.

The SAFE Companies Certification Program was first launched in the Fall of 2006. Since that time, the Program has experienced rapid growth. To date, there are over 4,800 participating companies registered in the SAFE Companies Certification Program, and new participating companies continue to be registered on a daily basis. The industry is making a difference in improving safety. Since 2005, the number of fatalities and the lost time injury rates have decreased significantly. Now that we are improving, the challenge is to stay focused on the permanent change to an industry that embraces the concept of workers going home every day to their family.

At the Council, we are also committed to improving our practices. We have learned that protecting the integrity of SAFE Certification is key to the success of the Program. In response to feedback that we have received from participating forestry companies, the Council has adopted the enclosed Guidelines. The Guidelines were put into place to provide transparency and consistency in the event that a company is not living up to the spirit and intent of obtaining and maintaining SAFE certification. We trust that these Guidelines will meet your expectations.

Of particular note, the Guidelines may impact your audit due date. We encourage you to ensure your company prepares and submits all necessary documents for your audit submission so there are no delays in your company obtaining or maintaining SAFE Certification.

Thank you for your continued commitment to sound and safe industry practices and we invite you to contact us if you have any questions about the Guidelines or about any other matter.

Yours Truly

Steve Chaplin
Director, Safety Services

Click here for a PDF version of this release: SAFE Companies Notice to Existing Companies.pdf

Click here for a PDF version of the attached Guidelines: SAFE Companies Guidelines 2010Oct07.pdf

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