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Log Hauling
Prince George Woodlands
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On Janaury 30, 2008 a log truck driver was transporting a load of logs north of Prince George. Approximately 10 km after leaving the loader, the log truck driver noticed six logs hanging on the outside of the pup trailer bunks on the passenger side of load (see pictures below). Driver indicated during interview that he first tried to pull the logs off the load by hand in order to make the load safe. Driver said that he wasn’t able to pull the logs off load, so he decided to put on an extra wrapper over the logs and placed flags on the outlying logs. Driver indicated he felt it was safe to continue to haul the logs into PGSAW mill because he had put on the extra wrapper and due to the fact logs were on the passenger side of truck rather than drivers side of truck. The load was hauled in this unsafe condition for approximately 60 km (25 km on logging roads and 35 km on a paved public highway).

The load was clearly in an unsafe condition when examined at PGSAW. Luckily this load was hauled into the mill with no incident or injuries. This load could easily have caused a very serious accident on either the logging road or the highway if the logs had dislodged from the load.

Learnings and Suggestions: 

The Prince George Woodlands Safety Committee would like to share some key learnings/messages from this very serious unsafe hauling incident.

1. All drivers must immediately STOP hauling if a load becomes unsafe during transit. Load must be fixed prior to the continuation of hauling.

2. Never attempt to pull an unsafe log off a load. Serious injury could result by completing this unsafe act.

Reminder: No load of logs is so important that we must endanger the lives of the public or fellow road users to get it delivered.

Please park your truck immediately and get the load corrected before continuing.

For more information on this submitted alert: 

Neil Spendiff – Woodlands safety Coordinator

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