Log Hauling

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Log Hauling
BC Southern Interior
Date of Incident / Close Call: 
Company Name: 
H.A. Friedenberger Contracting Ltd
Details of Incident / Close Call: 

As his logging truck was being loaded, a contract logging truck operator stood on the end of a log, positioning himself in front of the truck on the driver’s side. The log he was standing on ran the full length of the truck and trailer, and the log was lying on the ground on the offside of the logging truck (loader was loading from the other side of the truck). The logging truck was facing downhill at an angle of approximately 12% as it was being loaded.

The company safety coordinator noticed the situation and intervened by motioning to the truck driver - directing the driver to walk to a safe place down the road and speak with the coordinator. The safety coordinator and the truck driver discussed the situation, and following the discussion the driver repositioned himself to a safe place while his truck was being loaded.

Learnings and Suggestions: 

1. The safety coordinator Informed the logging truck operator that if a log being loaded went over the bunks on the off-side and fell onto the ground on the offside, the log would strike the log that the driver was standing on, and the driver would likely be launched into the air with the potential of sustaining injuries.

Logging truck operators must not position themselves in a hazardous area while their truck is being loaded

2. The coordinator also informed the truck driver that the driver was in the line of fire if a log slipped through the loader grapple (no ice nubs were welded on the grapple) because the angle of the grapple was proportionate to the road slope (12% downslope and difficult for loaderman to compensate for the 12% slope).

Again, logging truck operators must not position themselves in a hazardous area while their truck is being loaded. Also, whenever possible, logging trucks should be loaded on flat ground (not possible in this case due to road side decking, and road grade was at least 10% for a long distance in both directions).

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