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Individual Owner Operator OHS

Course Number:IO190525TC
Course Full:No
Starting Date:2019-05-25
Starting Time:08:00 AM
Duration:0.5 day
Course Location: map
Contact #:n/a
Instructor:Stacey Sproule
Course Fee:$175.00
Total Cost:$183.75

Individual Owner Operator (IOO) SAFEty course

Who is the IOO course for? This course is designed for the individual owner operator registered in SAFE Companies. Attendance is a mandatory part of SAFE certification.

What does the course cover? The IOO SAFEty Course will provide an overview of your safety responsibilities as an IOO and how to use the SAFEty Log to make your SAFE certification easy and straightforward.

The SAFEty Log: What is it and when do I get mine? For teleconference sessions, an I.O.O. SAFEty Log will be mailed to you one week prior to the date of the course. For in-class training sessions, SAFEty Logs will be distributed by the instructor.

How long is the course? The course is a part-day course (8am to noon). For additional hands on help, there will be an optional free 2 hour afternoon coaching session with the instructor.

How much does it cost? IOO SAFEty course registration is $150 + HST per student. If you are interested in participating in the IOO course, please complete and submit an enrollment form and course fee to the Council. Or call toll free 1-877-741-1060.

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